So yesterday I had the pleasure of working out at the Raeburn Orchard in Roleystone while their amazing persimmons are in full fruit! and can I just say...... WOW. The colours that these trees throw is nothing but spectacular, the fruits themselves are a beautiful bright orange, the leaves range from green new leaves to yellowing older leaves to a beautiful deep red before falling.....

It was the first day of the persimmon "festival" so it was jammed packed with people! families, couples, photographers it was a buzz with all kinds of activities. From the minute you walked in you can see the never ending lanes of beautiful fruit trees and straight away the persimon tree "popped" out from the rest, a gorgeous strip of red is what directs you down to the lanes that are full of fruit and colour.

I had two beautiful families in yesterday and as much as I said I wouldnt be working today, I simply couldnt wait to share these photos with you all. I had a wonderful day with my beautiful kids and then this evening while they rested and relaxed after our big day I snuck off to have a quick look at the pics and get them ready for tomorow.........well that was the plan. Before I knew it I was editing like crazy because these two gorgeous mummas deserve to see these pics PRONTO!!!

So here you go guys, I am sure you will love them as much as I do and this is legit a SMALL sneak peak into what you can expect in the next few days.

For anyone wanting to book in a family mini at Raeburn, get in touch! I am doing one more day on the 20th from 2pm-5pm. Family Minis | $250 | 10 Images | 30-45 Minute sessions, To book your own beautiful family mini please click here

First up the beautiful Bardsley family, Miller came in a less than chipper attitude, but before I knew it he was having a blast with me and was willing to let go of dad.

Secondly, my amazing return client Heidy and Jahzia! some of you may remember Jahzia's gorgeous newborn shoot. He is now a regular NLP'er and I just LOVE watching him grow! I'm pretty sure he knows the sound of my camera click and we always have so much fun. My absolute fave pic from this session, "Jahzia give mummy a big smooch" priceless.....

Thank you guys for coming to see me and trusting me when this is my first time at Raeburn! It was such a brilliant day for me and I'm super proud to show these portraits to the world.

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